The Yetico-technology product line includes comprehensive expanded polystyrene processing (EPS) from machines and devices to comprehensive technological lines. From foaming machines through block moulds, cutting lines, packaging machines to recycling devices.

The technological lines which we manufacture are designed for production of foamed polystyrene boards. The lines can be realized in the following versions:

Based on our many years of practical experience, we are fully aware of how important short deadlines are for investment financial effectiveness. Therefore, having in mind our customer’s profit, we suggest the following:

  • The contract is signed for the full scope of the offer, regardless of the planned realization deadlines of the Buyer for every particular stage of investment.
  • The Buyer commences with civil work execution or adaptation of existing facilities immediately after receiving the technical documentation from us.
    This work should be completed before the complete technological equipment is made.
  • Delivery of equipment takes place directly to the prepared object and the assembly of the technological line starts immediately followed by start up of the plant and staff training.

A successful work plan allows us to finish the installation – from the date of contract signing till the commissioning of the plant – within 5 months.

We are dedicated to continuously updating our equipment. Therefore, we reserve the right to introduce constructional changes in new designs in our offer.

If you want to see how our plant works, you are welcome in our production plant of Yetico S.A. in Olsztyn.